After nearly a decade of hard work, singer/songwriter/one-man-band Edd Coates readies the release of his debut album, 'Lost in Transit'. Entirely self-produced, the album, recorded in a small bedroom in Essex, is an exciting and original endeavour.

Edd is the modern day equivalent of the one man band, who comes to the live stage armed with nothing but his repetoir of music and a keyboard. Garnering the praise of his fans, and from local media and radio stations alike, Coates' eclectic sound has been compared to a wide array of artists, ranging from David Gray, to The Divine Comedy and even Pink Floyd. All the while, he manages to retain a unique identity thanks to his own unmistakable style.

The album is a truly eclectic record and in terms of sound covers a lot of territory. From the energetic folk-rock opener 'Transit' and the nonsensical 'Warchibeser' driven by bells and synth, to the grand theatrical sounds of 'Blood on the Line' and the dance-inspired melancholy of 'Firelight'. "There's also a sort of grandness in some places, with sweeping string sections and the like," says Edd. "I've tried to keep the record fun and interesting, and hopefully I've achieved that."

Edd began writing music at the age of 16, after his first experience singing in front of an audience. Although he admits the first songs he wrote were idealistic in nature, he quickly began to express himself through his lyrics, and his songs soon begun having strong personal influences. Therefore it is no surprise that his first record is autobiographical at heart, depicting the feelings many people go through during the transition period in to adulthood and beyond.

"‘Lost in Transit’ pretty much sums up the way I felt growing up," says Edd. "I always had this constant urge to get away and go on to the next 'big thing', but I was a typical shy kid who just used to hide away in the piano rooms at school and write songs. It's all that mattered to me. Even when I did finally leave school and move to university, I still didn't really know what I was doing with my life, all I knew was that I wanted to record these tunes and follow through with the one thing I was truly passionate about."

Now Edd is raring to channel all his energy into his music. "Of course there is always a great risk involved in doing anything like this by myself," he says. "but i've done what I set out to do and a lot of time has been spent ensuring this record will be heard for years to come. It's a risk I am tremendously proud of."

Lost in Transit will be released September 6th on physical format and digital download.